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We spent many hours in the research and writing stage of this article, because we want to help people pick the right LED flashlight for them and their needs! In order to achieve that, we have searched the net for countless hours in order to find the best and brightest LED flashlight models on the market right now and we then wrote very in-depth and detailed reviews about them and their features! We also collected and wrote some really helpful articles, to further aid you!

However we have stayed within the confined of ordinary flashlights during our research and putting together of this article, but if you are after a more advanced and specialty lights such as survival and tactical flashlights; fabric-village has in-depth articles, guides and reviews covering the topic and you might want to pay them a visit in your spare time to read up on some their available guides published on their website.

As I’m sure you know, a bright flashlight is a really useful tool! Everyone should have a flashlight in his or her car, in case it breaks down in the middle of the night, as well as in his or her home, I order to cope with power outages! But in the last few years, flashlights have been really popular with policemen and security guards as well! The reason for this is that because of their size and shape, many can be used as melee weapons.

LED flashlights come with a wealth of features that will make then invaluable to both civilians and people in the security industry! First of all, they are much brighter than traditional flashlights, which means that they will provide you with better illumination even in complete darkness, which after all is the main function of a flashlight! Then there’s also the fact that they are really cheap to maintain, since their bulbs can last for countless hours!

These features are great for civilians, but as I mentioned earlier, LED flashlights are invaluable for people working in law enforcement as well! Many models come with special mechanisms that allow them to be attached to guns, allowing their user to see and aim even in pitch black darkness, a feature that will also be appreciated by hunters! Then there’s also the fact that their light itself can be used for protection against threats! Most LED flashlight models come with an extremely bright light level setting which will effectively blind an opponent for some time, giving the user a temporary advantage! Also, some models also feature a strobe effect which can be used in conjunction with the brightest light setting in order to completely disorientate an assailant and provide the user with a significant edge in close quarters combat!

Because of their high popularity and demand, there are many LED flashlight models available and each claims to be the best in the market! We are confident though that our detailed reviews and articles will help you pick the best one for you! But our help doesn’t stop there! We have also found the best price for each model! You’ll find it at the end of each review, along with a link that will take you to the retailer! Buying the best LED flashlights couldn’t possibly be made any easier and more convenient!