Basic Tips for Buying Wrist watches to Suit your Style

tips for buying watchesThe modern timepiece is definitely preferred by many men to complement their dressing. There are those who use it only to tell time while on the other hand, there are those men who use it as a gadget to complement their outfit. Whatever your case, what is clear is that not just any watch can meet every man taste and preference. It all depends on what we seek, in our style and of course what our budget can afford.

And in the market we can find many types of watches, from classic to casual and sports watches through to the geeks. The range is wide and finding the right watch can be a bit confusing and tedious as a result we have decided to share these basic tips to help you narrow down your options for your next timepiece either for personal usage or as a gift item for loved ones.

Simple and Classic

If your style is classic, or rather pretend to escape the eccentricities and looking for a watch that can help highlight your elegance then it’s best to opt for those wrist watches that are designed with a rectangular shape, rather than the rounded models. One cool thing about these kind of timepiece is they are very much affordable as most of them usually fall into the category of mens watches under 500 (which is a good thing for those with lean budget).

The type and color of the watch strap is another important factor you should not think of ignoring. If possible you should try as much as possible to match the color of your watch straps (mainly for watches with leather straps) to that of your belt color as well. Doing this will give you a perfect and immaculate look that will not go un-noticed. For those that prefer watches with chain bracelets, you have little or nothing to worry as they tend to complement and blend well with virtually any attire and outfit.

More Details

more detailing on watch crystal

Another factor worth considering is the details on the wrist watch crystal. The good thing about sports watches is that they are often timeless, and hardly go out of style. They are also stronger, lighter and usually come with more options such as thermometer, barometer, etc. all these features combine to make them the most sort after timepiece with great detailing.

Because they are designed with solid and authentic leather and chain bracelet, they tend to withstand everyday abuses while still being able to tell time more accurately and precisely.

The most geek

No doubt the Casio G Shock, are a clear example that fashions come back and certainly the digital clocks again have their share of ownership.

As always such watches must be consistent with your casual style, combining colors and style, otherwise it will seem that you have are still anchored in the 80s.

Note the size

watch dial sizes

In men, wrist varies between 15 and 18 cm in diameter as a rule. This wrist measurement standard adapts to all kinds of watches, large, small, etc.

If instead you have a small wrist (below 15 cm) you should avoid clocks with dial diameter greater than 40 mm because the effect will not be very attractive.

If your wrist is more than 20cm in diameter, then its best to  look for wrist watches that are at least 42 mm in diameter, if not the timepiece may be somewhat ridiculous on your wrist.

And finally remember that the bracelet is also a fact that we must always keep in mind when buying a timepiece. If it’s a leather watch that you more comfortable with, then you can go for the ones with crocodile leather strap to be more comfortable and also survive rigorous everyday usage.

2 Major Checklist to Observe When Buying Wrist Watch

wrist watch buying guideIf you find yourself reading this article, then chances are you are about to buy yourself a new timepiece or to replace an old one but maybe confused what the right course of action to go about doing the shopping is. These days, there are thousands of wrist watches made available for people to choose from by different watch manufacturing companies located in different parts of the world. The challenge now become how we can dig through these watches to find cheap and durable ones for use in different occasions. Right on this page, you will pick up 2 powerful tips that will guide you in selecting some of the best dive watches under 500 dollars for your outdoor adventures wearing delight and pleasure.

Go with popular and reputable brands. This is a common sense that even a layman will have no trouble understanding. I mean it makes no sense investing in a company that nobody barely know anything about or heard. That will like just throwing your hard money into the garbage should you decide to invest in a virgin company. The same thing is applicable when buying Men Tactical Watches. Take ample time to research what the reputable and trust worthy brands in the industry are before heading out to your favorite jewelry retail shop. Believe doing this alone will save heaps of mistake and blunders that would have been committed had you been in a rush.

Not just reputable brands but the ones with core competences in the type of watch that match your preferences. If you have thing for cars, then it likely that you already know that difference car companies are known for the key areas in which they perform exceptionally well. For instances, Toyota car company are known to have core competences and edge over its rivals in the area of fuel consumption hence the reason why they have won more than 3 times in a row the award for best fuel consumption economy car. BMW are known to be the king in designing comfort and luxury cars. The same principles applies to companies that are into watch making. Citizen Company are reckoned to be the leaders in cutting edge technological timepieces while Hamilton are known as the best designers of military time tracking gadgets. You should ask yourself what type of watch you have in mind to buy? (Causal, dressy or military style ones?) Getting this question right serve as a pointer in the right direction of which brands to conduct your search around.