Best Disposable Razor Buyer’s Guide

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Best Disposable RazorLately there has been lots of improvement and innovations with how shaving is done and the gadgets being used in the process. Daily the technology and expertise behind razor blades seems to improve rapidly. If you take a look around our market places, it should not come as a surprise that the traditional one-side blade has disappeared giving way to a more robust and improved double, triple and even quadruple razors now practically littering the market space.

With this improved and increasing brands and models readily available to choose from, it therefore become difficult and confusing for an average man (women inclusive) to effortless make a good choice as to which brand and model will serve them better bearing in mind that we all have different shapes and curves.

In this mini guide, we will highlight and discuss briefly some of the things that you should look out for when shopping for this type of razors.

Best Disposable Razor Shopping Checklist

Number of Blades: the days are long gone when one-sided blade was enough. These days, you should opt for as many blades as you can get from a single razor because from experience, the more the number of blades the closer a smoother shave you will get.

Lubrication Strip: one common feature that distinguishes disposable from non-disposable razors is the lubrication strips standard adon. As a way of eliminating the need for shaving cream. The former now comes with lubrication strips which in addition of eliminating the need for shaving cream also helps in preventing skin irritation. Since many of these razors don’t do a decent job of shading more light on what the content of these strips are, it is therefore in the best interest of the user to investigate into this avoid those ones that have chemicals known to cause skin irritation and stick with those ones that have chemicals plus additives that includes; aloe and vitamin E known to be helpful to the skin.

Number of Disposables per Pack: after making sure on product quality it’s now time to confirm that you are getting full value for your money. By this we simply mean that you check and confirm how many disposable heads of razor that you are getting per pack. Also confirm how much each head cost as in some cases you might unknowingly be paying more when you would have gotten it cheaper by buying individual heads separately.

Pivoting Heads: while some of these disposable razors have curvy and attractive head, a few other models are known to be equipped with pivoting heads. Be sure to only opt for the ones (either curvy or pivoting) that best adjust and adopt well to the curve and contour of your skin.